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We are on our way to build an awesome one-stop solution for developers & code learners. Classy & bit modern for students & awesomeness for developers.

Individual Online Learning

Platform for individuals to learn to code

For Schools & Universities

We have customized solutions for schools & universities

Coding Camps

At some places we organise coding camps

Sharing Kowledge is in Our Blood

We are not different from others, we are the same from earth. We just believe in sharing our knowledge and that’s what Lead-Code present. We have knowledgable people & we just brought them virtually on Lead-Code

Our Instructors

You are in safe & expert brains

We have a great team of developers & certified professionals who spend their time making these reading contents & video lectures. Cheers to them !

Tirthak Patel

HTML / CSS / Javascript

Celine Marie

Web Apps

Jennifer Holand

Html / CSS

Cathy Waller

Apps & Games

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