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Frequently Asked Questions

Surprise!!! We can read your brains!! Actually Not, just we have few guessed questions answered here.

Is Lead-Code have any sample lessons?

Yes, we have first 3 lessons of every topic open for all. Just jump into that, see the content and if want to access all of Lead-Code, just upgrade.

Is there any discount available?

Yes, we offer a discount on bulk purchase (If more than 5). For getting discount in such cases, drop us an email at .

How much we need to pay for Lead-Code access?

Pricing can be seen on the pricing page of Lead-Code. We have flexible & affordable pricing for everyone. For special request just contact us.

Can I request for any additional content?

Of course, you can just drop us an email at to let us know about what you need on Lead-Code to be added

Can we get PDF of all this content?

Yes, for sure in near future. We are going to start such service of providing offline PDF content of all the things present on Lead-Code

What if I want refund for my purchase?

You have right to ask for refunds. Just ask for it via contact form and one of our executive will be there to assist you further on this matter

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